Come what may…oh winter won’t you

Posted On February 16, 2008

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I am aware that for one to blog successfully one must post new blogs with some degree of regularity, however I have recently (since my first post) suffered a lack of motivation for further installments. I wanted (as mentioned in my previous post) to write and profess my love to the season we know to be winter, however since I decided to post on such a topic the weather has been decidedly un-winterish. Much to my dismay the days just seem to be getting hotter again. I was dreaming of coats and hats and scarves again (seriously I was) and I find myself loving the cool underside of my pillow on a warm night (I do love the cold underside of the pillow…It’s quite a happy part of warm weather). I mean we certainly have had some pleasant days recently…but haven’t we had enough of them already…give me some coldness and some wind and rain and then I’ll be happy…and also I can post on winter when I am truly inspired

Why can’t it been raining now?