Required reading = A querulous me

Posted On March 3, 2008

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I mean I knew at uni you get a lot of reading…but I didn’t realise at uni you get A LOT OF READING!!!


Do they really think I have nothing better to do with my time then pore over endless pages in my textbooks and readers in preparation for my next lecture? Chances are if I read any extensive portion of anything at one time I will fail to take much anything in!


Okay, I’m having a bit of a rant. But on the plus side…I do really quite like university, I’m just rather aggravated now by the endless amounts of reading that is expected of me! My aggravation is amplified by the fact that I walked around the first year chemistry building (at least I think it was the first year chemistry building) about 4 times at various stages during the day in order to find the place where they sell second-hand lab coats…apparently it’s very obvious, but as far as I can see, it doesn’t even exist!


Yes, I do get to have a lab coat…kind of fun, but also kinda geeky at the same time…well, it will be if I can ever find the place to purchase one!


Plus, did I mention how much I hate required reading?


In the process of my education

Posted On February 23, 2008

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As of Monday I will officially be a uni student…although I suppose I technically already am as I have been enrolled for quite some time really.

I must say I am rather excited by it all and quite possibly feel older and smarted just being at university…I’m sure I’ll discover I’m deluded soon enough. It is rather comforting to know that now I am only studying things that I actually want to study, and so if I dislike something immensely then it truly is my own fault for choosing it.

O’week was rather interesting in general. The first day I went it was immensely (I’m liking that word at the moment) boring….crowded into a massive hall with thousands of other new students listening to people congratulate us all on getting into Monash uni, and then proceeding to go on a long and deadly boring tour of a campus in rather unpleasant hot weather…you see I’m really not a big fan of my first orientation day. The Wednesday was somewhat better, more informative and I got a free I tunes voucher…free is good…so I was happy, the downside being on this day I emptied half my bank account purchasing one of my textbooks…how sad for me. The Thursday was altogether pleasant in comparison to the other days. I met a number of lovely people, and actually learnt some stuff that might come in handy during…not to mention catching up with an old friend…an altogether pleasant experience.

So on the whole I’m excited about uni…the travel is going to be interesting, everyday I go to uni it’ll be about one hour and twenty minutes each way….and that’s connex on a good day! But being all zone two transport I do have the benefit of extraordinarily cheap transportation costs…going to uni four days a week I’ll be spending 7.68 dollars all up on approximately 10hours of travel…how good is that!

Oh…and incase you didn’t know…uni students are apparently obsessed with beer…really obsessed.