Frank Woodley called me ugly and it made my day

Posted On April 2, 2008

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Well, you must admit, it’s about time i blogged again…let’s just say i’ve been on long service leave or something of the sort…not quite sure how it works but it sounds official enough…hehe.

Last night i was lucky enough to go see the wondrous Frank Woodley in his new solo performance ‘Possessed’. It’s pretty much along the lines of a lonely man gets possessed with the ghost of an irish woman and he falls in love with her…but of course a lot funnier. I laughed a lot and even felt a tiny bit sad…but i was particularly amused when he picked on me in the audience (i was in the front row…that’s right the front row!). At the beginning of the show he referred to all the beautiful faces in the audience….’except for that ugly one’…hehe…pointing at me. I never thought i would laugh so much having someone call me ugly (just so you know it was dark so he couldn’t hardly see me…well that’s what I keep telling myself..hehe). So my advice to you? See it and if you don’t try harder.

The shiny guy always worries

Posted On February 27, 2008

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for showing me this I must credit blair…yay for blair…it’s funny watch it (particularly if you’re a fan of starwars)

just use the link…not sure yet how to upload videos to my actual blog