Gotta keep the customers satisfied!

Posted On May 16, 2008

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So it’s been a while….quite a while. For quite a number of weeks I’ve been thinking I should be writing a bit of a blog…in the words of simon and garfunkel, gotta keep the customers satisfied…although I see no money changing hands here (although come to think of it, it would be nice as I’m pretty much completely skint…until Tuesday that is). In all my grand thoughts of writing a blog I could never seem to land upon a topic that would qualify a whole blog to itself. Thus now I attempt to give you a collection of tid-bits that have been gradually accumulating in my cerebral cortex.

Uni comes along quite well, although I am loaded down with immense amounts of homework at the moment. From today until Wednesday I have 3 major essays due, one worth 30%, one worth 40% and the last worth 50% of my semester grade, you would think by now monash would have worked out how to co-ordinate their assessments around my timetable! Although possibly the pressure is the best thing to motivate me.

Public transport always use to be long and frustrating….back and forth to Clayton, back and forth. But now I must say I do quite enjoy a good stint on public transport…with the right conditions being fulfilled of course. These conditions being;

1. a relatively non crowded train or bus

2. a free seat next to my for my backpack (it likes it’s own seat…it has personal space issues)

3. my ipod charged with plenty of good music, and quite possibly a newly downloaded Russell Howard and Jon Richardson podcast (if you haven’t had a listen do so…very funny…a tad crude…but very funny…and the accents!)

4. a lovely dreary day, grey sky…quite chilly, although I’m not chilly because I’m rugged up in lovely winter attire

Autumn leaves are just lovely….walking home from the bus, down my road there a couple…very short stretches of path with lovely autumn leaves. And every time I see them it strikes me how funny it is that something dead can be so pretty!

Coffee…being at uni, makes you feel like drinking coffee…there’s something quite comforting about having a very large coffee on a windy grey day (the best kind of day!) walking to the library…it makes me feel like a real student…I am a real student.

Music…I have bought quite a number of new cds of late…much to the dismay of my bank account and the joy of my ipod…and I would say my cd player, but it’s pretty crappy so doesn’t deserve a mention (I found the receipt to claim the warranty like 2 days after it expired…dang!). My lovely new cd’s being two ben kweller ones (ben kweller self-titled and sha sha: the self-titled one is better…but that may only be because I’ve listened to it more), the last shadow puppets…quite spectacular indeed, the wombats (I think I’m in love!) and finally my most recent acquisition, vampire weekend…quite wonderful…in fact it’s gracing my ears right this moment.

And to wrap it up…I dyed my hair…although you’ve probably all noticed by now…a bit darker…I like it.

Good-bye my friends…I will return at a later date…how much later is the question.

Dang! I’ve edited this post twice already…bad habit I’ve picked up at uni I suppose…hehe