and yes…the world does revolve around…and around

I’m a tad confudled about this page…is it suppose to be about me, i don’t quite know.

Well i’m emily. I love Jesus (hi five for Jesus), I love clothing…most particularly winter clothing, yay for hats and scarves. I’m rather fond of tea….it makes me happy. Reading is an incredibley good way to fill in time…although i’ve done a severe lack of it recently. TV shows are wonderfully addictive…my particular favourites include but are not limited to, gilmore girls, friends and alias…but when it comes to reality it’s the amazing race for me! Rain is like the best present ever….at bedtime. Oh presents, I love them too 🙂 I like surprises, although being curious for too long drives me crazy. I love to laugh (hahaha…long and loud and clear?). Hugs are simply one of the best things ever, as are my wonderful friends, and family 🙂 I love holidays like christmas and easter and everything…i feel that the festive spirit is one to be embraced. Quotes are sweet as is aeroplane food…i like the milk in little containers best (although never touch mushrooms or scrambled eggs when in flight). When the weather starts to get wintery the urge often overtakes me to knit…i’m not very good at it but it’s fun. I love nice smells such as cookies and perfume (not together, and generally cookies are nicer for consumption). I kind of want to own a pet pig providing that i can find one that stays little forever! and yes i like chocolate…correction, i love chocolate. I’m rather vague, but not altogether dumb (smarter than bec and laura apparently…hehe). And i do like to ponder random things…but that’s about all i have to say for now

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2 Responses to “and yes…the world does revolve around…and around”

  1. sparkleydots

    hey em, i have a bog now yea!

  2. emmi123

    and what is it?

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