The shiny guy always worries

Posted On February 27, 2008

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for showing me this I must credit blair…yay for blair…it’s funny watch it (particularly if you’re a fan of starwars)

just use the link…not sure yet how to upload videos to my actual blog

3 Responses to “The shiny guy always worries”

  1. blair

    But don’t talk back to Darth Vader cause he’ll get ya!

  2. Paul

    To upload a video to your blog, just go to the video on the YouTube site. Copy the text in the “Embed” box on the page by highlighting it and clicking Ctrl+C.

    Then, in WordPress when you’re writing the post, click the “Code” tab. After that, go to the end of everything in the bit where you type the post. Press Ctrl+V to paste the video link.

    Hey presto! Three year old star wars on your blog!

  3. Paul

    When I said “clicking Ctrl+C” I meant pressing it on the keyboard… but I’m sure you picked that up.

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