Four n’ twenty

Posted On February 20, 2008

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I had a revelation today.

Four n’ twenty pies are names as such because of that old nursery rhyme, blackbirds and so on. I never clicked on to that before…it was truly a profound moment for me.

Why does no one ever think to tell me these things….

4 Responses to “Four n’ twenty”

  1. Paul

    Next you’ll be telling me that you didn’t know Dim Sims were made from cats.

  2. blair

    Emily isn’t this exactly the same as the time you realise the the Liquor Land logo represents 2 L’s AND 2 bottles????

  3. Ana

    Have you seen Domi??

  4. Heather


    trying not to laugh aloud in a deathly silent computer lab at uni right now

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