Come what may…oh winter won’t you

Posted On February 16, 2008

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I am aware that for one to blog successfully one must post new blogs with some degree of regularity, however I have recently (since my first post) suffered a lack of motivation for further installments. I wanted (as mentioned in my previous post) to write and profess my love to the season we know to be winter, however since I decided to post on such a topic the weather has been decidedly un-winterish. Much to my dismay the days just seem to be getting hotter again. I was dreaming of coats and hats and scarves again (seriously I was) and I find myself loving the cool underside of my pillow on a warm night (I do love the cold underside of the pillow…It’s quite a happy part of warm weather). I mean we certainly have had some pleasant days recently…but haven’t we had enough of them already…give me some coldness and some wind and rain and then I’ll be happy…and also I can post on winter when I am truly inspired

Why can’t it been raining now?

6 Responses to “Come what may…oh winter won’t you”

  1. Jess

    I love the winter too emmy. i want it to rain for days and days purely because it sounds so good and looks so pretty – oh and that thing about draught …or whatever.

    I like the way you write.

  2. Jess

    I mean drought! its past 11pm on sunday night, please excuse me.

  3. emmi123

    oh raining for days and days…you’re making me salivate…haha
    glad you cleared that draught thing up for me…i was quite confused when i first read it

  4. blair

    You are a nut.

    But I do love winter…

  5. Paul

    Um…. Em….

    It’s February.

    (Keep posting!)

  6. Kyla

    Emily you know my feelings about winter. Please don’t wish it on me any sooner than it needs to be here. I can cope with winter and sometimes find myself loving it when I’m in the mood, but there is really no need to mention it so early in the year, darling. I’m still trying to ignore it.

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