Posted On February 10, 2008

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For sometime now I’ve taken an interest (fluctuating dramatically between zealous and virtually indifferent) in the blogs of various family members and friends. On the whole I’ve found them interesting and informative, at times quite amusing and at others boring enough to put me to sleep….or was that simply because there was too many words for me to be bothered reading? All this blog reading and I never really considered writing a blog myself…not really my thing I thought because I’m not a computer nerd and all. But I think now I’ve been inspired to write one….for all I know tomorrow I could be bored with it and never write another entry…but we’ll see what happens.


I’m hoping that in trying to blog some of my thoughts or my everyday happenings then maybe just maybe I’ll be motivated to think and ponder things more than I normally would. Normally whenever I begin to ponder something it doesn’t last very long…most particularly because I kinda have a short attention span when it comes to some things…and I tend to be easily distracted. However if I blog about some stuff (descriptive I know!) then I actually have to think enough to get it into a form in which people can read…and hopefully understand and the extra bonus on this is, if I have it written down…my slightly dodgy memory won’t be a problem.


So this is my first of ramblings. Oh and I must say the people who have inspired me the most to blog (sounds corny I know) are my sister bec…I wouldn’t know nearly as much about her as I do if I never read her blog and blair, because her blogs are most certainly entertaining and are written in a very blairish style which I can truly appreciate knowing her well…yay for blair.

Well I’m not yet sure what I’m going to blog on…but I know sometime in the near future I’ll blog on winter cos I love it and it’s coming!!! Finally! Oh yeah and I like the whole dot dot dot thing (…)…I’m pretty sure it’s not grammatically correct…but I’ve always been a fan.

Goodbye now….you’re suppose to go home

8 Responses to “pilot”

  1. blair

    A blog! Amazing.
    Yours is written in a very Emily type way. Ha ha ha.
    Please keep blogging! I like it!

  2. Geoff

    Yay Em-face! Blog on, I say. And with a hideous looking template like this one, I’ll definitely subscribe to your RSS, if only so I don’t have to look at this green colour!


  3. Rebecca

    Haha. this is gold. Keep writing, because I will keep reading. This is going on the feed reader immediately (don’t worry you don’t have to know what that is)

  4. Jess

    welcome to the blog world! looking forward to reading more em!

  5. Ana

    Keep writing emface!

  6. Laura

    oh my!

  7. Davo

    EMILY! writting a blog! YITS!
    Write something funny em! make me laugh!
    And by Funny i mean a stupid em comment!
    You’ll forgive me one day!

  8. Kyla

    I feel that I should add my welcome. So welcome to the cyberworld of blogging my darling!

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