The shiny guy always worries

Posted On February 27, 2008

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for showing me this I must credit blair…yay for blair…it’s funny watch it (particularly if you’re a fan of starwars)

just use the link…not sure yet how to upload videos to my actual blog

In the process of my education

Posted On February 23, 2008

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As of Monday I will officially be a uni student…although I suppose I technically already am as I have been enrolled for quite some time really.

I must say I am rather excited by it all and quite possibly feel older and smarted just being at university…I’m sure I’ll discover I’m deluded soon enough. It is rather comforting to know that now I am only studying things that I actually want to study, and so if I dislike something immensely then it truly is my own fault for choosing it.

O’week was rather interesting in general. The first day I went it was immensely (I’m liking that word at the moment) boring….crowded into a massive hall with thousands of other new students listening to people congratulate us all on getting into Monash uni, and then proceeding to go on a long and deadly boring tour of a campus in rather unpleasant hot weather…you see I’m really not a big fan of my first orientation day. The Wednesday was somewhat better, more informative and I got a free I tunes voucher…free is good…so I was happy, the downside being on this day I emptied half my bank account purchasing one of my textbooks…how sad for me. The Thursday was altogether pleasant in comparison to the other days. I met a number of lovely people, and actually learnt some stuff that might come in handy during…not to mention catching up with an old friend…an altogether pleasant experience.

So on the whole I’m excited about uni…the travel is going to be interesting, everyday I go to uni it’ll be about one hour and twenty minutes each way….and that’s connex on a good day! But being all zone two transport I do have the benefit of extraordinarily cheap transportation costs…going to uni four days a week I’ll be spending 7.68 dollars all up on approximately 10hours of travel…how good is that!

Oh…and incase you didn’t know…uni students are apparently obsessed with beer…really obsessed.


Four n’ twenty

Posted On February 20, 2008

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I had a revelation today.

Four n’ twenty pies are names as such because of that old nursery rhyme, blackbirds and so on. I never clicked on to that before…it was truly a profound moment for me.

Why does no one ever think to tell me these things….

Come what may…oh winter won’t you

Posted On February 16, 2008

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I am aware that for one to blog successfully one must post new blogs with some degree of regularity, however I have recently (since my first post) suffered a lack of motivation for further installments. I wanted (as mentioned in my previous post) to write and profess my love to the season we know to be winter, however since I decided to post on such a topic the weather has been decidedly un-winterish. Much to my dismay the days just seem to be getting hotter again. I was dreaming of coats and hats and scarves again (seriously I was) and I find myself loving the cool underside of my pillow on a warm night (I do love the cold underside of the pillow…It’s quite a happy part of warm weather). I mean we certainly have had some pleasant days recently…but haven’t we had enough of them already…give me some coldness and some wind and rain and then I’ll be happy…and also I can post on winter when I am truly inspired

Why can’t it been raining now?


Posted On February 10, 2008

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For sometime now I’ve taken an interest (fluctuating dramatically between zealous and virtually indifferent) in the blogs of various family members and friends. On the whole I’ve found them interesting and informative, at times quite amusing and at others boring enough to put me to sleep….or was that simply because there was too many words for me to be bothered reading? All this blog reading and I never really considered writing a blog myself…not really my thing I thought because I’m not a computer nerd and all. But I think now I’ve been inspired to write one….for all I know tomorrow I could be bored with it and never write another entry…but we’ll see what happens.


I’m hoping that in trying to blog some of my thoughts or my everyday happenings then maybe just maybe I’ll be motivated to think and ponder things more than I normally would. Normally whenever I begin to ponder something it doesn’t last very long…most particularly because I kinda have a short attention span when it comes to some things…and I tend to be easily distracted. However if I blog about some stuff (descriptive I know!) then I actually have to think enough to get it into a form in which people can read…and hopefully understand and the extra bonus on this is, if I have it written down…my slightly dodgy memory won’t be a problem.


So this is my first of ramblings. Oh and I must say the people who have inspired me the most to blog (sounds corny I know) are my sister bec…I wouldn’t know nearly as much about her as I do if I never read her blog and blair, because her blogs are most certainly entertaining and are written in a very blairish style which I can truly appreciate knowing her well…yay for blair.

Well I’m not yet sure what I’m going to blog on…but I know sometime in the near future I’ll blog on winter cos I love it and it’s coming!!! Finally! Oh yeah and I like the whole dot dot dot thing (…)…I’m pretty sure it’s not grammatically correct…but I’ve always been a fan.

Goodbye now….you’re suppose to go home